Fees Explained

How much is it going to cost?

If you plan to visit a dental office, you may have these questions in your mind, such as “how much it will cost me to make a dental visit? Is the cost all covered by my dental insurance?”

A fee for visiting a dental office is composed of one or more procedures that applied to your specific visit.

Example :

A 6 to 9 months regular check up and teeth cleaning dental appointment for an adult with healthy gums may compose of:

  • Recall exam,
  • 2 bitewing X-ray films,
  • 3 units of scaling,
  • 1 unit of polish,
  • Fluoride treatment

In Alberta, each dental office has its own fee schedule for all the procedures, some are at the higher end, some are in the moderate rate, some are at the lower end, or combination of different levels of fee for different group of treatment.

ASK Dental Clinic's fee schedule is updated every 11 to 12 months without advance notice. Our fee schedule is about the midrange of market value in Calgary area, and reflects our commitment to care and the cost to run a dental office. We always try to provide the highest standard of service at a reasonable cost.

Dental insurance company also have their own fee schedules. Even the same insurance company can have several fee schedules. The fee schedule that your dental insurance will pay for your dental service is specific to your group plan and is private data that is hard for our dental office to obtain. We recommend you contact your insurance provider to understand your insurance benefit before visiting a dental office. For more information, please see Understanding your Dental Insurance Benefit.

Understanding Your Dental Benefit

Make sure you understand your dental insurance benefit before you visit a dental office. Due to the privacy act, it is very difficult for our staff to collect information about your dental benefit. You can help us understand your dental insurance benefit by reading your benefit booklet, or calling your dental insurance company following our instructions below. You can then send the information to us by e-mail to asknet@telus.net. By doing so, we can help you to maximize your dental benefit for maintaining your optimal oral health. Thank you very much for your co-operation.

Before calling your dental insurance, please talk with our staff to make a list of treatment procedure codes for any treatments that you may need to do. You may then can contact your insurance provider to get your coverage information about your dental benefit, as well as their fees covered for specific treatment procedure codes.

For more help understanding dental fees, contact us today!

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