Replacement of Missing Tooth

Years ago, if you lost a tooth or had to have one removed for health reasons, there was no alternative except for an unsightly hole in your smile or an awkward appliance. With advanced technology and the highly skilled dental professionals at ASK Dental Clinic there are options. Dental implants will restore your smile to the healthy, complete smile it used to be.

ASK Dental Clinic can replace missing teeth by:

  • Dental implant and implant-supported crown, bridge, or removable dentures
  • Conventional bridge
  • Partially removable dentures

Dental implants provide you with a natural, functional solution to missing or damaged teeth. Each tooth implant looks and feels like a natural tooth. You no longer need to feel self conscious or concerned when it comes to eating certain foods or being in social situations.

Having dental implants done by ASK Dental Clinic ensures that you will have a confident smile that not only makes you feel better, but improves the overall structure and health of your mouth.  And the solution is permanent. With proper dental care, and a healthy lifestyle, it is very rare that you should ever have problems with your new dental implants.

Learn more about how dental implants can change your smile. Contact us today!

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